Gemstone Cutting Services

Our cutting factory doesn't just meet international standards - it sets them. Columbia Gem House developed equipment and techniques to cut curved, concave facets to increase brilliance in colored gemstones. This technique, first pioneered by master cutter Richard Homer of the United States, uses facets like lenses to focus light back to the viewer's eye. It had never been tried before in a large volume production setting, and its success has now become our trademark within the gem-cutting industry.

Moreover, our factory is a model workplace; with wages that are three times the minimum wage, room & board, paid vacation, overtime pay, medical, disability and unemployment insurance, and annual bonuses. Our factory has nearly a zero rate of attrition, thereby increasing the skills of the craftsmen to the highest degree of experience in the industry. 

Standard Cutting Terms and Conditions

  1. Shapes & Facets
  2. Rough Quality
  3. Minimum Order
  4. Standard Faceting Prices
  5. Payment
  6. Insurance
  7. International Shipping of Rough


NOTE:  All cutting charges are based on standard rough types with reasonable yield. Certain types of rough such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, diopside or opal do not fall within the standard cuttings prices. Cutting prices for these stones types are available upon request. Additional cutting charges may apply to rough with low yield only where applicable and only after being discussed with the customer prior to cutting.


Columbia Gem House (CGH) offers cutting in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including ALL STANDARD SHAPES. Columbia Gem House generally does not accept requests for cutting non-standard, irregular shapes or custom facet patterns for outside orders. However, special requests will be considered if CGH can complete the order in a reasonable timeframe without disrupting the normal workflow at the factory.



The quality of rough material is the responsibility of the party that purchases it. CGH takes no responsibility for the quality of rough our customers send for cutting. No guarantee is offered regarding yield, size, color or clarity. Rough will be evaluated in relation to the order request and CGH will offer its opinion(s) before the rough is sent for cutting. If, in our opinion the rough cannot be cut as requested, CGH will hold the rough until the order can be discussed with the owner. If final agreement on cutting cannot be decided upon within two weeks, CGH will return the rough to the customer in its original form.



The minimum order is US$1,000. Orders may consist of a single lot worth US$1,000 or more in cutting charges or multiple lots totaling US$1,000 or more in cutting charges. The minimum charge for a single lot in an order is US$100. Where applicable, insurance and customs fees will be added to the total order amount and calculated as described below.


Note: All cutting charges are based on rough with reasonable yield Certain types of rough such as diopside or kunzite, or rough with very low yield, do not fall within the standard cutting charges. Additional cutting charges may apply only where applicable and only after being discussed with the customer prior to cutting.



Note: Discounts may apply to customers requiring cutting services in higher volume on a regular basis.


Standard Cuts

Round, Oval, Emerald Cut, Baguette, Princess, Pear, Marquise, Trillion, Brilliant Emerald Cut (BEC), Radiant

Less than 3mm

US$1.80 each

Less than 1 carat

US$2.40 each

1 carat and over

US$2.40 per carat


Fancy Cuts

Cushion, Heart, Barion, Tapered Baguette, Drop Trillion, All opposed Bar Tops, All checkerboard tops, All Free Form & Custom Shapes

Less than 1 carat

US$3.60 each

1 carat and over

US$3.60 per carat



All standard shape cabs

Under 2 carats

US$1.35 each

2- 5 carats

US$2.10 each

5-10 carats

US$3.90 each

10-20 carats

US$7.50 each

20-50 carats

US$10.00 each

50-100 carats

US$11.50 each

Over 100 carats

US$13.00 each


Concave Cuts

All shapes

Minimum Size is 1 carat

US$4.50 per carat







Payment is due upon receipt. No payment terms are offered on cutting services. Customers in good standing with CGH or with satisfactory credit references may be sent goods DUE UPON RECEIPT. All other customers must PREPAY or have their goods shipped CASH ON DELIVERY (COD).

Payments not received within forty-five (45) days of invoice will accrue late charge fees of 1.5% monthly. If payment is not received within six (6) months of initial invoice, all goods are considered abandoned and become the property of CGH.



Rough is insured only while at the CGH head office or in transit to the cutting factory. CGH provides high security protocols at the factory to eliminate theft. However, no insurance is offered for customer's goods while at the factory. All goods sent to the factory are "AT THE OWNERS OWN RISK" while being processed at the factory.

Value for insurance must be provided to CGH before any goods will be shipped to the factory. Insurance and customs fees will be invoiced in addition to cutting charges. Insurance fees for rough in transit to the factory are calculated at the rate of US$3.00/US$1,000. Insurance fees for cut stones in transit from the factory to CGH after cutting will be calculated at the rate of (rough value + cutting charges) x US$4.50/US$1,000. Insurance fees for cut stones in transit from CGH to the customer after cutting will be calculated at the rate of (rough value + cutting charges) x US$3.00 per US$1,000.

Example of insurance charges $5,000 rough value + $1,000 in cutting charges

Rough from CGH to Factory:                       $5,000 x $3.00 per $1000 = $15.00
Cut stones from factory to CGH:                $6,000 x $4.50 per $1000 = $27.00
Cut stones returned to U.S. customer:      $6,000 x $3.00 per $1000 = $18.00
                                                                           Total insurance charges = $60.00

Customs and brokerage fees = (Rough value + Cutting charges) x 0.35% or $31.00, whichever is greater.


International shipping charges from CGH Vancouver, WA to the cutting factory are US$55.00 per kilo of rough (minimum charge US$45.00). Note: Scrap rough and unusable material can be returned at the customer's request at a rate of US$55.00 per kilo.