Fair Trade Protocols

Columbia Gem House & Fair Trade Gems Protocols

The Fair Trade Gems Protocols process was developed to make sure the production and sale proceeds from diamonds did not support civil wars in Africa. In addition, the process was written to assure all diamonds were legally exported and not smuggled.

The Columbia Gem House Protocols ensure that the production and sale of colored gemstones are done legally and do not support civil wars; but it's more than that. Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Gems Protocols also:

• Ensure country of origin.
• Support of local communities through production and sales as well as supporting development projects and critical needs in the area.
• Track Columbia Gem House Fair Trade Gems through the cutting process to ensure no worker is exploited or subjected to health hazards like Silicosis - which ultimately results in death.
• Understand and ensure full disclosure of all treatments to gemstones that travel under the Columbia Gem House “Fair Trade Gems” brand.

The Quality Assurance & Fair Trade Gems Protocols

The complete contractual document that defines environmental protection, fair labor practices, protecting the integrity of the product from mine to market and the welfare of the individuals who produce them.

Download the complete Fair Trade Gems Protocols on pdf