Columbia Gem House has many gems to select from, but each gem has its plethora of cuts— Be it princesses, trillions, rounds, or any other standards. We have them all! What you may not know, however, is that we have a stunning collection of unique cuts! That’s why we’ve dedicated this article to showcasing our some of our finest cuts.

First, a little about these cuts:

All these cuts are something you’d dream of putting in jewelry. And rightfully so, as almost all of them come from a Columbia Gem House collection we call Fantasy cuts. Many of the cuts are a spin on standards, but don’t let that fool you! They have their own flare, and no one would mistake them for basic cuts. There’s also Fantasy cuts that are completely original in design, and they’ll blow you away! Fantasy cuts are mostly used with amethyst, citrine, and blue topaz—But they’re also made with other gems, so look out for them on your shopping journey.


First is the Carved Marquis, a Fantasy cut that is sure to blow you away. one of our most popular cuts in the collection. This cut is like a fan of golden leaves on top of each other, and it’s a sight to see-- Especially with that citrine. The way they refract light is amazing, and is something any wearer would look dazzling in.


Next, we have the Fantasy Oval. It’s a modified standard—made to be so much more than a modest cut. The gem is cut as an Oval, and then has grooves cut into the back. The effect? Like ripples and shine in the water, it's great for a summer day look. Like the Marquis, it refracts light in the most amazing ways. It’s surprising how much you can improve something already so great!


Third in line is our Fantasy Emerald. The grooves on the back of this gem are cut in a way that it produces a crosshatching effect through the gem. It almost looks like fish scales glistening in the sea and is beautiful with citrine’s color.

Second to last, our Fantasy Keystones take on a gorgeous shape. These Keystones aren’t based on any of the standards; it’s one of Columbia Gem House’s custom cuts. The grooves on the back together with the small ridges on the edge of the gem makes it stand out from any of the standard cuts. It’s especially beautiful with amethyst: The purple giving it a regal feel to an already unique gem.


And finally, our Barion cut! Even someone not fond of gems wouldn’t be able to be put off by this beauty. The cut itself has refractions all around the middle of the gem, and they’re stunning. What’s even more stunning? Our Barion cut Ametrine: A purple and yellow half and half gem that blows the rest out of the water. It’s one of a kind, and looks absolutely priceless.

Finally, never forget that Columbia Gem House prides itself in fair trade and traceable gems. If you want to know where your gem is from or what level of fair trade it is, each product has all the information for you. And if it doesn’t, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll give you all the information you need!

All these cuts are unique to CGH, and as you can see, they’re absolutely beautiful. And while these Fantasy cuts are great, there are so many more that we can’t possibly cover in one article. Interested in getting one of these for your jewelry collection? Want to find more Fantasy cuts? Look through our store, and you’re bound to find something you’ll adore. And don’t forget: All of these gems are repeatable, calibrated shapes. No sweat!

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