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An American Gem Company: Columbia Gem House

Columbia Gem House was started over 44 years ago and is based in Washington State. Much has changed at the company since then, but one thing that has not is our love and wonder of all the amazing colored gems Mother Nature gives us. This love of color has always been in my life in some form like paintings, sunsets, fly fishing and all the natural rocks around me, but it was jewelry classes in college where I fell in love with colored gemstones. This is one part that has not changed at Columbia Gem House. We started in color and we have always stayed in color. Different from many companies, Columbia Gem House is intrigued with every variety of natural gemstones. Ranging from Rubies to Rutilated Quartz, Sapphires to Sphene and Emeralds. Opaque gems like all the amazing Jaspers and Agates, to the faceted gems like Tanzanite or Tourmaline. Because we have cut all these gems for more than 40 years, we know color: all sorts of color.

As an American company we always felt it was important to support the gemstone industry in the US as well as around the world. This American support has allowed us to become the largest cutter and wholesaler of American gems in the world. This can be standard cut Ruby from Wyoming or Peridot from Arizona. It also means unique shapes and custom shape cutting for designers and manufacturers. All of our American gems, as well as all our other gems, are traced and inventoried separately so we can give you the full story and journey of each gemstone. Traceable, responsible, beautiful, unique: are all part of the gemstones and pearls Columbia Gem House brings to the world.

We hope you enjoy, as much as we do, these tiny spots of color Mother Nature has given to us all.