These beautiful Anthill Garnets come from the Navajo Nation, where we currently work with traditional Navajos who mine the garnets for us on the Reservation. They are currently producing the best chrome pyrope garnets in the world!⁠

But the Navajo are facing a tough road ahead due to COVID19. ⁠

The Navajo Nation is currently the third hardest hit area per capita, after New York and New Jersey. The Navajo people are facing 70% unemployment. They are fighting this disease with only 24 bed hospital, and minimal access to respirators. Due to the unemployment rate, the people are having a hard time providing food for themselves, let alone the animals on the Reservation.

So what are we doing? We are donating what we can, currently cash and disposable face masks, with our Navajo partners, to purchase food for their people and their animals.

So what can you do? CGH will donate 20% of all Anthill garnet sales in the month of May to the Navajo Nation, in the form of additional masks and cash for food supplies. So you can help by purchasing one of these incredible red garnets that are hand gathered only on the Navajo Nation lands. These lands are in Arizona, and the four corners area of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

In the coming days and weeks we will be uploading videos of Jaymus, the traditional Navajo miner that we have been working with, to showcase the work that is being done on their land. If we can find additional ways to help, we will let you know as well. ⁠

If you would like to support or donate directly please contact us and we can get you connected.