Think of March blue skies in the northwest or clear blue water in the tropics somewhere and you will be thinking of the color of Aquamarine. The northwest skies would be a pure blue and the tropics may have a hint of green. Both of these colors say “Aquamarine”.

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for March. Aqua is a member of the beryl family as are Emerald and Morganite. Aqua comes from a variety of locations around the world. Significant deposits are found in Brazil, Mozambique, Zambia, Afghanistan and Nigeria, but it has been found in many other locations. Today we are working with rough mostly from Nigeria. This rough tends to be quite clean or free of inclusions, and cuts lovely blue and slightly blue green gems. Most of the very pure blue gems available are the result of low temperature heating which actually drives the green overtones out of the gems.

A lot of people think they should only wear their birthstone, but we feel you should wear the gem type and colors that make you feel happy. If you love a lighter gem then Aquamarine is ideal. Today’s light to pastel tones are very popular, which is another plus for Aqua. Because we buy all our gems in the “rough” and cut them ourselves, we have the ability to get very creative. Ten years ago people wanted only round or emerald cuts. Today we have a lot more design freedom so we cut hexagons, tablets, baguettes, kites and a whole host of fancy shapes.

If you love blues, if you love unique cuts, if you love lighter tone gemstones then Aquamarines are perfect for everyone, including those in March. Happy Spring!