color of the year

Color of the Year  for 2020

Each winter many industries watch for the Pantone Color Institute to announce what the color of the New Year will be.  This decision will “influence” product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, as well as packaging and graphic design.

The color for 2020 is Classic Blue.  What better way to view this classic blue but through precious gemstones!  Blue is one of the most popular gem colors and the world has given us a great array of blue gems.

Of course one thinks of Sapphires when you think blue gemstones.  There are many different shades of blue sapphires from the “Classic” Royal blue, to periwinkle blue, steel blue, pale blue, denim blue, teal blue and much much more.  Columbia Gem House has all the blue colors and shades, plus more.

When we are thinking of blue sapphires let’s not forget there are many other beautiful blue gemstones if for some reason sapphires are not for you.

There is the watery blue of Iolite from Wyoming, India or East Africa.  Then the bright medium blue tones of the Zircon from Cambodia or the blue topaz from Brazil and Nigeria. 

One of nature’s most important blue gems is Tourmaline.  We have all sorts of shades like seafoam colors from Nigeria and Afghanistan.  Then you have the rich indicolite blues, teal blues, pale teal blues and green blue gems.  When you take the range of blues and cut them into trillions, brilliant and emerald cuts, rounds, geocuts, and crystal slices you can see just how unique the tourmaline family is.

There are many more blue gems, some of which are opaque colors.  Some like Lapis Lazuli, are nearly as well known as sapphire.  The ancient Egyptians prized this gem above all others.  Then you have the delicate blues of the Turquoise that comes from the Southwest USA along with the blue chalcedony from Mexico and the blue dumortierite from the deserts of California.

Classic Blue is the Pantone color of 2020, and you will start seeing it in all sorts of design areas where color is used.  Gemstones and jewelry will be one of these areas, and if you like blue like we do, you will have a whole host of blue gems to design with and select from.