engage with color

What we mean when we say “Engage with Color”? We it is acceptable and exciting to use colored gemstones for a special engagement ring that signifies love, commitment, beauty, support and much more.  When a unique colored gemstone goes into an engagement ring, it also supports a host of other emotions, which are as varied as the couple making this commitment.

Columbia Gem House has cut a wide variety of colored gemstones for 45 years now, so of course we are thrilled to see an array of colored gems being selected for engagement rings that signify a life long commitment.  To us commitment, beauty, love and support goes even deeper and has more meaning for the people who wear these rings.  For us it is a statement of our commitment to all those individual miners, cutters and jewelry makers that help bring these wonderful gemstones to the lucky couple.  This means all those who support their wider community and environment in this process.  Yes, colored gemstones are beautiful, but are even more beautiful when the final owner understands the journey the gemstone has taken; all the hands that touched the gem and the hopes for a better future that these hands and people hold.

One of the strongest emotions any of us have to engagement rings is love.  The love of two individuals, but also the ability to share this love with all those who made these rings possible.  This comes with telling the story of the people and environment that brought this wonder of nature to the final owner.

Engagement rings also bring this life long belief that your commitment to each other means you will support each other through good times and bad.  This is the same commitment we as a company feel for our employees, but also the miners and cutters, jewelry makers and retailers, plus the environment we all live in.  We constantly think about how we can make this whole chain a better place for all.  We really do believe gemstones are a gift from the earth, and that gift is more fulfilling as we learn more about the journey of the gemstone.

As a company we show are appreciation for this gift by ensuring that both the environment and the people who mine, cut and craft our gemstones and jewelry have been treated with the same respect we deserve. Yes, this is our “tagline”, but we really do believe in and practice it.

This brings greater meaning to our work, and we believe it will bring the same to the final, life long, owner of these beautiful colored gemstones.

So, truly “Engage with Color”, and all those people who help bring these gemstones to your special ring on your special day.