Virtual Tucson Instagram Live Events Rescheduled.⁠

We are living in the world of Covid and in the midst of it all, we have found ourselves caught up with some of our team quarantined. We’re all doing okay so not to worry, but we will be pushing this week’s virtual schedule to next week. All previously scheduled Instagram Lives will now start Feb 15th and go through Feb 19th.⁠

That means our Virtual Tucson event is still on! We still have enough people in house to meet all your scheduled individual Zoom or IG meetings, both this week and next. Basically, we’ve added another week to our Virtual Tucson! Who doesn’t love more?⁠

In the meantime, our Dropbox is still live and being updated regularly so make sure to register to see all the goodies. We can’t wait to get back to all our talks and planned events. Stay tuned and stay safe. ~ Eric Braunwart⁠