Kites are a new cut we added in late 2019 here at Columbia Gem House. This means kite shapes in both faceted and rose cuts in a variety of gem types. Whether transparent or opaque, this is one of the most exciting collections we have created in sometime. In transparent gems we offer Aquamarine, sapphire, sunstone, anthill garnet, morganite and ruby. When it comes to opaque we have turquoise, blue chalcedony, lapis, ruby, bronze sapphire and black spinel.

Lots of stone varieties, but also a range of sizes from small 6x4mm up to 14x10mm. When designing a repeatable line of jewelry, or one of a kind piece, it is important to set your line apart. You need to make your line unique and it should represent your design values, and this new collection of kites can help.

Unique shapes! Unique gem varieties! Unique color options! All with traceable and responsible sourcing. What more could you ask for?