Lilac Quarz

This week’s theme is quartz, and an incredible kind of quartz at that! Our lilac quartz is a special type of quartz that all are bound to love. But why, and where does it come from?

Our lilac quartz comes from Brazil, and anyone can understand why. Brazil has some of best quartz in the world, and lilac is one of the most unique and beautiful of all of them. The color from lilac quartz is its defining trait: When irradiated, it produces the most fascinating milky lilac color- hence the name. It also glows and is similar to a moonstone’s inner luster. Lilac quartz hardness is similar to other quartz, being a 7 on the Mohs’ scale. Because of this, lilac quartz is great for beauty and wearability. 

Like most quartz, you extract lilac quartz from open pit mines. It doesn’t start as its beautiful purple color, however. Once extracted, the quartz must be irradiated—This is a completely safe process, and is never harmful for the wearers of irradiated gemstones. Once the gemstone has gone through the process, we’re left with a beautifully unique lilac quartz.

In order to get that inner shine, however, you need a skillful cutter to do the job. Luckily for you (and for us!) we have some of the best cutters in the world. Because of that, they give our lilac quartz the sparkle and luster it needs while further enhancing the ethereal milky look of the gem.

 The end result is a light lilac that will give you chills! But what do finished lilac quartz gems look like?

All in all, it’s not surprising to see why people love lilac quartz. Want to see more of it? Check them out here on our site, or on our social media—where we post new pictures and videos of our gemstones everyday!