When we think of Spring we think of all the greenery like the trees budding out and small plants sprouting from the ground.  Do you think this is why emerald, and emerald green, is the traditional birthstone for the month of May?  Well, not likely, but the beautiful green of emerald does remind me of spring.

There is really a host of different green gems, including emerald, that have that spring green color to them and would be great alternative options for the month.  In transparent stones there is mint or grass green in Tsavorites, neon green beryl, and tourmaline.  Most of our tsavorites come from Kenya, where as the tourmaline can come from a whole host of locations.  Most of the neon green beryl that we cut comes from Nigeria.  This is the material that is colored with Chrome, which gives this mint green gems its neon brightness.  Then you have the rich dark green alternatives.  These would again be tourmaline and tsavorite, although new tsavorites in the darkest green are rare today.  Then there is the bright, pure forest green of Imperial Diopside, which comes from the Lake Baikal region in Russia.  This gem is similar in hardness and durability to tanzanite, so you would want to handle it the same way when making jewelry. 

Another green gems that is particularly special to Columbia Gem is called Tashmarine, This gem comes from the Shan Tin mountains in China near the boarder with Kazakhstan.  Our Chinese partners and us found this special color and variety of Diopside in the year 2000.  A new gem for a new century!  The name comes from a combination of my daughter’s name Tasha mixed with the local language and history.  This gem is a dusty green that can be worn with anything.  It is a green color not seen in other gemstones.

Then of course there are emeralds.  Emerald comes from many locations and many shades of green, but it is a whole story in itself!  It makes a wonder spring birthstone, but there are many other spring greens that will make you feel the world is coming alive all over again.  Soothing green colors and being springtime, what more could you ask for when it comes to the birthstone of May.