Many people like gemstones big, shiny, and showing off facets everywhere. But sometimes, simplicity is the best way to make a defining art piece, and our theme of the week—mini cabochons—show exactly that!

Minis are incredibly cheap compared to their larger counterparts. You can easily get what you need without running over budget- If you don’t buy too many, that is! This is also a great place for beginning jewelers to start with, as it gets you familiar with the gemstones you will work with in the future. Not only that, but while cabochons are great for starting jewelry pieces, they can be used in more elaborate and artistic jewelry as well! Mini cabochons also come in a wide variety of color, and different gem varieties. They range from 3mms and lower and are great for any little jewelry project you have!

Lets start with some of our best minis:

First, our Australian green sapphires! Sapphires are this month’s birthstone, as you may or may not have read in our article 2 weeks ago. These cabochons come in 3mm, and the green fits for any occasion. As sapphires are incredibly durable, they’re easy to care for and can take daily wear.

If you want an even purer green, our legendary Imperial Diopside® cabochons are to die for. Not are they like little green candy drops to savor, but the quality of Imperial Diopside ® is one for royalty. Just read for yourself in our Back to Basics article. From 2mm to a tiny 1.5mm, you’re bound to make some great fine jewelry.

Our sunstone cabochon is another unique mini. The sunstone originates from Oregon and is the state’s official gemstone! The nice and natural peach pink color gives a piece a warm look while still looking refreshingly elegant. Just like the green sapphires, these minis come as 3mm cabs. There’s also a schiller type of the stone, which shows aventurescence- making the gemstone look like it has galaxies upon galaxies within it.

What’s a cabochon without garnet? Our anthill garnet can go from 2.71mm  to a tiny 1.5mm. The color is a magnificent red and is completely natural. The garnet originates from Arizona, USA. Our grape garnet has similar sizing to our anthill garnet, from 2mm to a small 1.5mm.  It originates from Orissa, India and has the warmest purple you’ll have ever seen. Just like the anthill garnet, it’s completely natural in color and will sweeten up any piece you add it to.

 You can’t mention sapphires without bringing out rubies! Our rubies, originating from Vietnam, come in sizes from 1.7 to 2.5mm. Their gorgeous pink color is similar to a deep pink rose and, as rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs’ scale, are perfect for daily usage and showing off.

So, what will you use these mini cabochons for? We hope they help you to create fabulous pieces and give you the creative freedom some bigger gemstones can’t provide.

We can’t put our whole collection of mini cabochons within one article: That’s why it’s recommended that you check out our online store to peruse our large selection of cabochons, large and small! Want to show us your pieces? @ us at Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter!