When we first started cutting our very unusual GeoCuts™ shaped gemstones the response was amazing.  I love these because it allows us the freedom to cut rough that otherwise would be very difficult to use.  It also just happens to match my design esthetic, so this was a double bonus.

Designers and consumers love this new cut and the gem varieties we offered. We noticed designers were looking for new shapes that are repeatable so they could use them in styles for their lines.  This led us to cutting calibrated versions of GeoCuts™ this past spring.  This way we are able to offer these as a unique  ‘one-of-a-kind’ shape and as a repeatable style.

We originally started GeoCuts™ in sapphire; blues, greens, golds and bi-colors, and now we’ve expanded into additional gem varieties.  We have beautiful gems in dark and light Aquamarine, delicate pink Morganite, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot and we’re adding more constantly.  If you are looking to attract a customer’s attention, this whole new category of cutting is unique and personal.