Think of going to the ocean and just relaxing as you watch the waves rolling in.  Just a peaceful relaxing time.  As the breakers roll in some will have the white foam at the tip and just below this, where the light comes through the tip of the wave, you will find one of natures' most beautiful colors.  It is from this part of the wave that our Seafoam Tourmaline® are named for.  This medium toned, delicate blue-green to green-blue color, is what we have cut in tourmaline for more than 40 years.  It was one of my very favorite gemstone colors when I started in the color "business" so long ago.  Seafoam Tourmaline® color is more than just a color though, it is a softness, a delicateness, a soothing feeling much like sitting on the beach on a sunny, blustery day. So yes, Seafoam Tourmaline® has such unique and wonderful shades of blues and greens, but it also has a purity and soothing feel.  Truly, it is one of my favorite color shades and rarely seen in other gems.

Some people will look at our Seafoam Tourmaline® and ask if it is a paraiba tourmaline.  There are times when the colors are near identical.  A distinguishing element of "Paraiba" Tourmaline is trace elements of copper helping color the gem and although often very similar colors, our Seafoam Tourmaline® does not contain copper.  The good part of this is these fantastic colored gems are much less expensive and more available.  You get the best of both worlds!

Our Seafoam Tourmaline® historically came from Afghanistan, but about 15 years ago we started looking for alternative sources.  Currently most of our new material comes from Nigeria.  We still have Afghanistan material, but it and the Nigerian are inventoried separately so you have a choice.

When you are trying to relax and forget all the headaches of the day, do what I do;  think Seafoam.  A quiet time watching the waves and seeing in them in one of my favorite gems, Seafoam Tourmaline®.