Gemstone cutting is at the heart of what we do at Columbia Gem House.  Given today’s market, and all the great designer and jewelry makers, we get to experiment with new and interesting cutting styles.  It is really liberating not to just cut perfectly clean 6/4 & 7/5 ovals!  We still cut ovals but today’s makers are looking for more unique and creative gems and cuts.  We now get to do rose cuts in calibrated and free sizes, tablets and hexagons, crystal slices, cabochons, our new Geocuts™ and step cut hexagons!  All from our safe and enjoyable cutting workshop.


We cut rose cuts in such a wide variety of gemstones today. These can be eye clean to with cool visible inclusions.  We do these in pear shape, rounds, ovals, free sizes and even hexagon shapes.  All these look great in different colors and clarities of sapphires!  These range from 10 pointers to 4ct sizes, so we get to play with lots of new ideas. 


Our tablet cuts are actually gems cut with two sets of crown facets and a table on each side.  They are almost a faceted version of a gemstone slice with a girdle facet on both sides.  We do organic shapes to hexagon shapes and in a wide array of gemstones.  Of course we do all kinds of solid and bicolored sapphires, but also bronze star sapphire, labradorite, gem blue chalcedony, ruby and much more.  We love what some of the designers have done with these stones, from center stone “crown rings” to in line station on a chain to dangle earrings!


Crystal slices and cabochons have been around for a very long time. Today’s designers are looking for unique gems and have given us much more freedom.  Yes we cut watermelon slices but we also do bronze star slices that show the perfect hexagonal growth patterns of the crystals.  There all lots of options here if your let you imagination run wild just a bit.


For cabochons we cut standard calibrated sizes but also freeforms, bullets and tongue cabs.  One of our most exciting groups is our Mini Cab™ collection.  We have almost 10 different gem varieties in 2, 2.5, and 3mm rounds.  Really exciting bright colored cabochon accents for your designs.


Our GeoCuts™ are one of the newest cutting styles.  These are both freeform and calibrated, but all are very unusual geometric shapes.  This cut has a random pattern on both the top and bottom of the gem.  No tables anywhere, but you still have a girdle on the gem to allow for easy prong setting.


Lastly; is a new “old style”.  We have not cut step cut faceted gems for maybe 25 years, but lately we have been getting requests for product in  hexagon shapes.  Well, we did them in step cut hexes and they are just magical.  When you see these in morganite, aqua and green beryl, they are just spectacular.  They also are great in the different colors of sapphires,  So from the small end at 3.5mm to the large end of 7mm and 8x6mm hexes, these are one of our favorite “new/old” cuts.


Creative makers and creative cutting.  They just seem to go together!