Valentines day is the special day where we express our love for that special person.  It is different than Christmas or Thanksgiving.  It is the holiday that is meant for two people expressing their love for each other.

So how do we show this love?

With words, hopes and aspirations, but also with a couple of specific physical things; chocolates in heart shaped boxes, and jewelry.  Well, I love chocolate, but I know jewelry!  We really know and live in the colored stone portion of jewelry and all the beautiful gems that can express this love.

Many gems are cut in heart shapes, which become a very small heart shape “chocolate box”.  So, what are some of the heart shaped gems I remember?  One was about 1ct but the most beautiful shaped and colored sapphire I had ever seen.  This gem was the color of crushed blue velvet.  Another was a carved, fluted blue hyalite opal mined at Opal Butte in Oregon.  It had such an inner glow it was almost alive with this blue haze!

Well, these were beautiful gems but they weren’t red!  I guess hearts don’t need to be red, but maybe for Valentines we should think of some.  One I remember was a 0.60ct ruby that glowed like some hot embers in a fire.  Yup, sort of like how you feel when you are head over heels for someone.

Another stone was a 50ct heart shape garnet I purchased in India maybe 40 years ago.  It wasn’t the finest garnet, but it was a big “heart”, like the way I fell for the girl traveling with me.  I wonder where that heart is now?

Gems and jewelry are special gifts on Valentines for someone so close to you.  We may not know where the person is today, but we sure do remember them… and that big heart shaped gem.

Happy Valentines… in Color!