There are all sorts of amazing gemstone families, of which, a lesser known one is Zircon.  Some people have seen the clear white version as a substitute for diamonds or the blue birthstone for December.  That is all true, but I see Zircon as one of the most brilliant and colorful gemstones in the world!  It has a dispersion (sometimes called “fire”) that is just short of diamonds and that is why it was used as a diamond substitute in the past.  Today the story of Zircon is very different.  If you love the brilliance of diamonds, but want a range of colors to select from then natural Zircon may be just your thing.  There are whites, yellows, golds, browns to brick reds.  Then you have a rose pink/red, natural green and heated blues.  It is these brilliant blues we usually associate as the birthstone for December.  Most of the blues come from the Kha and Pailin area of Cambodia and they range from a sky blue to a rich medium blue with just a hint of green.  This blue with just a hint of green, is such a popular color right now.  It can be worn by anyone who loves this color.  No longer just a diamond substitute or the December birthstone, it’s a beautiful gem suitable for anyone who loves exotic colorful stones.

Sure, there are certain scientific facts about Zircon like its chemical structure, ZrSiO4 (a silicate of zirconium) or its hardness (7–7.5), or its very high dichromism that makes the facets look “doubled”, but the main point to me is its incredible beauty.  Summer to Fall golds and oranges, wintry and spring blues, and the brilliance of the sun.  What more could you ask for!