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Columbia Gem House and Trigem Designs™: From Mine to Design

Trigem Designs™ is part of Columbia Gem House, a vertically-integrated gemstone mining, cutting, and marketing company founded by Eric Braunwart in 1976. Trigem Designs creates designer jewelry featuring gemstones, manufacturing each piece in the company's U.S. headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. This makes Columbia Gem House one of the few companies in the world that can take a gemstone from the mine to the finished jewelry design.


Brand Leader

Columbia Gem House is perhaps best known as the world's largest supplier of brand-name exotic gemstones including Tashmarine®, Grape Garnet®, Fire Citrine®, Imperial Diopside®, Royal Kings Plain Sapphire®, Purple Sage® Chalcedony, Seafoam Tourmaline® and new Nyala™ ruby and sapphire. Each brand is limited to the cream of each mine's production: high quality rough gemstone material cut with precision for maximum brilliance.