Fair Trade Level
Gem Cut
Total Gem Weight
3mm to 5mm Hexagonal Blue/Green Apatite
From $54.00
4.34 ct Anthill Garnet GeoCut™
6.14 ct Anthill Garnet GeoCut™
3mm Trillion Cut Oregon Sunstone No Schiller
From $30.00
2mm to 3mm Round Rose Cut Natural Black Spinel Melee
From $18.00
4mm to 6mm Natural Black Spinel Hex Tablets™
From $30.00
8x6 to 12x10mm Rose Cut Oval Natural Black Spinel
From $45.00
Sold Out
7x5mm Natural Anthill Garnet Emerald Cut
4mm and 5mm Natural Anthill Garnet Straight Side Triangle Cut
From $39.00
4mm and 5mm Natural Anthill Garnet Triangle Cut
From $61.00
7x5mm Pear Cut Natural Anthill Garnet
5x3 and 6x4 Natural Red Anthill Garnet Kite
From $60.00
4x3 to 6x4mm Natural Anthill Garnet Diamond Cut
From $51.00
8mm Round Natural Black Spinel Portuguese Cut
5mm and 6mm Natural Black Spinel Checkerboard Cushion Cut
From $30.90
8x5mm and 12x9mm Natural Black Spinel Octagon Cushion Cut
From $43.50
10x10 and 14x10mm Fancy Top Natural Black Spinel Cushion Cut
From $156.00
4 to 10mm Round Natural Black Spinel
From $18.90
3mm to 5mm Hexagonal Blue Apatite
From $54.00
3mm Triangle Cut Natural Black Spinel
13 x 7.5mm Oval Cut Golden Imperial Topaz
17.6 x 5.4mm Elongated Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline
10mm Round Portuguese Cut Fire Citrine
8x6mm to 9x7mm Swiss Blue Topaz Fan Cut
From $60.00
8x6mm Bronze Sapphire Hex Slices
8.41ct Cathedral Cut Mozambique Garnet
5mm Step Cut Hexagonal Bi-color Montana Sapphire
6mm Round Dark Blue Montana Sapphire
14x10 to 16x12mm Natural Ametrine Emerald Cuts
From $458.40
13x2mm Natural Oregon Black Jasper Bar
8 to 12mm Natural Malawi Quill Quartz Hexagonal Rose Cuts
From $150.00
8x4 to 9x4.5mm Natural Black Spinel Briolettes
From $42.00
6x3 to 8x4mm Oregon Opal Marquise
From $46.35
3mm to 7mm Round Rose Cut Oregon Sunstone
From $30.00
6 to 8mm Round Arkansas Smoky Quartz Flute Cuts™
From $105.00
6 to 8mm Round Arkansas White Quartz Flute Cuts™
From $105.00
6x4 to 9x7mm Oval Natural Black Spinel
From $19.50
5 to 10mm Round Rose Cut Natural Black Spinel
From $21.00
2.0 to 3.0mm Princess Cut Fancy Australian Sapphire Melee
From $36.00
5x3 to 6x12mm Oval Montana Amethyst
From $21.00