Integrity & Quality

One of the benefits of a strong fair trade gems policy is that it mandates a strict chain of custody for each gem that we produce. We carefully control and document each link in the gemstone supply chain and examine our products at every step.

This means that we can guarantee the quality and integrity of every gem we sell. We know where it was mined, how it was cut, whether or not it was enhanced in any way, and we can make sure that no synthetics or simulants have been mixed in with our natural gems.

"This is especially important for quartz, since many parcels on the market are salted with synthetics," Braunwart says. "Even though we trust everyone we work with and only buy rough, we still check regularly to make sure we are doing everything we can to secure our supply. None of our quartz has ever tested as synthetic."

Many gemstone varieties are routinely enhanced in ways that may not be detectable, like heating them to improve color. Stones like Ruby and Sapphire are treated in so many ways today that it makes your head spin! For this reason Columbia Gem House has joined forces with Crystal Chemistry to create the most advanced and ethical heat treating system in the world. We only sell corundum cut and treated by ourselves. This way we know our customers are getting only heat treated stones. No Beryllium, Titanium, or Lithium diffusion, no synthetic fracture filling, and no glass composite stones. We can also guarantee the origin of our gemstones and describe how they are mined and cut.

Because Columbia Gem House has control of a gem from Mine to Market®, we can guarantee that we are giving full and complete information about each gem. We know there is no chance of undisclosed treatments or any synthetics slipping through the cracks. Often, we can guarantee that a gem is untreated as well.

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