Christopher & Company

Christopher & Company
124 N. Nell Street Champaign IL 61820 United States

Store Information

In April of 1975 when Lois A. Wacholtz and Christopher M. Jupp formed a partnership to sell Christopher’s jewelry designs.

In August of 1978 we opened a small storefront called The Dragon’s Hoard Jewelers near the campus of The University of Illinois. We began selling Christopher’s designs and other American handcrafted gifts by craftspeople we met on the arts and crafts fair circuit. Soon, we developed a regular clientele and eventually expanded our services to include jewelry repair and one-of-a-kind custom design.  All production of Christopher’s designs is done on site in our 2,000-square-foot studio under the close supervision of Christopher and Lois.

Christopher’s interest in fantasy art and dragons continues to produce an ever-expanding selection of sterling silver and gold earrings, pins, pendants and rings. Everyone’s love of cats has produced a wonderful set of cat jewelry designs and we have added a line of Celtic pattern rings as well. New ideas lead to new designs and new production all the time, including fine jewelry earrings and rings.

We want to hear from you. Visit our store, browse our website or drop us a line. We look forward to sharing our work and our pleasure with you.

Lois A. Wacholtz & Christopher M. Jupp

Opening Hours

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00 - 6:00
Wednesday:        11:00 - 7:00
Thursday: 11:00 - 6:00
Friday: 11:00 - 6:00
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