Transparent Supply Chain

Making the Supply Chain Transparent

To ensure that all the gemstones we sell have been handled in accordance with Fair Trade Gems protocols, Columbia Gem House maintains complete chain of custody documentation on each and every gemstone.

This means that:

  • ~ All international transactions and the transfer of all goods and monies are handled in a legal and transparent manner.
  • ~ All import and export is conducted in accordance with all local laws.
  • ~ We request that all shipments into the United States include an official invoice that shows real and accurate values.
  • ~ The official invoice is used to remit payment by wire or bank check to an official bank account provided by the supplier.

Transparency of the supply chain and all transactions is important to prevent any possibility of money laundering or funds being transferred out of the producing country. The U.S. Patriot Act now also requires extensive additional documentation of import and export transactions involving valuable goods like gemstones.