Fair Trade Alternative to Black Diamonds

We received another request for fair trade gemstones from a jeweler.  Exciting! We are getting more requests all the time, which gives us hope and renews our enthusiasm for creating products that support all of those involved in the production of beautiful jewelry. 

The problem is, it was a request for black diamonds.  We do not deal in diamonds of any color - for many very good reasons. However, we have fair trade gems in every color of the rainbow, and in this case are happy to offer black spinel as an alternative.

Not only are black spinel a wonderful fair trade alterntive to black diamonds, they are much prettier, and are available at a fair trade level 1: it doesn't get any better than that!

Our black spinel is mined is Tasmania, Australia and cut in our Fair Trade cutting factory. We are very proud to have a cutting factory where workers are paid a fair wage and work in conditions that do not put their health at risk.  

Why look for a black diamond alternative? Only very, very rarely does anyone know where their black diamonds are mined, cut and treated; yes, nearly all black diamonds are heavily treated. Almost all of these diamonds are bulked together for sale. so you may have stones from Australia and Zimbabwe in the same parcel.

All diamonds are supposed to have Kimberley Process certifications, but that only gives you some assurance that no one got their hand cut off getting them to market.  So remember, there are alternatives.  You can have beautiful color for the jewelry you wear, produced in a manner that makes you feel even better about wearing it. 

Ask for jewelry you know supports the community you live in and the world.



Beautiful Gems Produced Without Silicosis