Gem Facts

Transparency is one of our key pillars and we are committed to sharing as much information as possible of the gems we offer. If you don't yet see a gem facts page you’re looking for, stay tuned. These gem’s stories are in the process of being written.


image of Montana Amethyst

Montana Amethyst

This American-mined Amethyst ranges in color from a deep purple to a light pink-lavender and is produced in Montana, which led to our name for this beautiful gem - Rose of the Rockies™.

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image of Fire Citrine®

Fire Citrine®

Citrine has been a part of the gem kingdom for centuries and a member of the quartz family. Fire Citrine®, a very deep red-orange color: has been available for a shorter period of time and is one of the richest colors of the Citrine Family.

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image of Anthill Garnet

Anthill Garnet

Anthill Garnet is a red Garnet, otherwise known as Chrome Pyrope, that is found on the Navajo Indian Reservation in the state of Arizona.

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image of Grape Garnet®

Grape Garnet®

Grape Garnet® is a unique pyrope-almandine member of the garnet family and is quite rare. This gem is one of Columbia Gem House’s Trademarked products: a completely new gem variety when it was first found, and then named by Columbia Gem House’s Owner, Eric Braunwart.

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Lapis Lazuli

image of Chilean Lapis

Chilean Lapis

From the high altitudes of the Andes mountain range, our untreated Chilean Lapis showcases gorgeous deep blues, often times speckled with bits of white and metallic golds.

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image of Mexican Fire Opal

Mexican Fire Opal

Here at Columbia Gem House, we refer to this material as Mexican Fire Opal, or MFO for short. MFO is a gorgeous fiery color that reflects its beautiful country, heritage, and cultural significance. As of today, the Mexican Fire Opal is considered to be Mexico’s national gemstone.

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image of Cortez Pearls®

Cortez Pearls®

Cortez Pearls® are rare saltwater cultured pearls from the rainbow lipped Pteria sterna oyster, native to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Pearls are organic gems, created when a mollusk covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre, the mother of pearl.

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image of Mesa Verde Peridot®

Mesa Verde Peridot®

Peridot has been valued for centuries and comes in various shades of green, with the most desired being the bright chartreuse to near apple greens. These intensely bright greens can be seen in our Mesa Verde® Peridot, which happens to be sourced right here in the United States.

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image of Pomme Ruby™

Pomme Ruby™

A new ruby from Madagascar named Pomme Ruby™. ‘Pomme’ meaning apple in French as well as the root word for apple in Malagasy. We gave this magnificent material its name because the community in which it’s found consists of apple and rice farms. When not farming, the villagers dig for these vibrant apple-red rubies.

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image of Wyoming Ruby

Wyoming Ruby

More details coming soon...

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image of Montana Sapphires

Montana Sapphires

Montana Sapphires are one of today’s most sought after American-mined gems. This incredibly rare sapphire is mined in three distinct locations in Montana and known by different names.

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image of Black Spinel

Black Spinel

Commonly found when mining for rubies and sapphires, black spinel holds many of the same desirable qualities when it comes to hardness, durability and luster. When cut and polished correctly, this jet-black gem offers the most brilliant sparkle you will find in any opaque stone.

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image of Seafoam Tourmaline®

Seafoam Tourmaline®

Seafoam Tourmaline® is a member of the tourmaline family. The colors range from a soft green to moderately vivid shades of seafoam blue greens. To paint a picture, just imagine going to the ocean and watching the waves roll in as you relax.

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image of Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a clear quartz with inclusions of rutile needles. Brazil is one of the few origin locations that produces such unique golden color rutile formed in broad bands, resulting in gems as unique as snowflakes.

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