9-9.5mm Gem Semi-Round Cortez Pearls®

SKU: 432-309095-GEM

9-9.5mm Gem Semi-Round Cortez Pearls.  Price listed is for each pearl.

Cortez Pearls® are rare saltwater cultured pearls that come from the rainbow-lipped Pteria sterna oyster, native to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. These are completely natural gems with no treatment whatsoever. Simply washed in water, soaked in mineral oil for six hours, and then dried.

While each pearl falls within the size and quality grade as listed, no one pearl will be exactly the same, and each offers its own unique beauty. Because of this, there will always be minor variations in size, shape, texture, luster, or iridescence. Please see reference photos for expected variations.

 All of our pearls can be half or fully drilled upon request at no additional charge.

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