Gemstone Cutting

Our cutting factory doesn't just meet international standards - it sets them. Columbia Gem House developed equipment and techniques to cut curved, concave facets to increase brilliance in colored gemstones. This technique, first pioneered by master cutter Richard Homer in the United States, uses facets like lenses to focus light back to the viewer's eye. It had never been tried before in a large volume production setting, and its success has now become our trademark within the gem-cutting industry.

Moreover, our factory is a model workplace; with wages that are three times the minimum wage, room & board, paid vacation, overtime pay, medical, disability and unemployment insurance, and annual bonuses. Our factory has nearly a zero rate of attrition, thereby increasing the skills of the craftsmen to the highest degree of experience in the industry. 


Contract Cutting Services

Columbia Gem House provides reliable high quality faceting and cab cutting service to select customers. Our decision to offer cutting services is made on a case by case basis, determined by the customer’s specific needs, volume and regularity of cutting. 

If you would like your gemstones to be considered for cutting, please email with your specific needs, including

  • Cut type: facet or cab cutting,
  • Stone types,
  • The volume of rough you have, and
  • The frequency you expect to send in for cutting.

Additional considerations include whether the cutting will be repeated with any regularity, the sizes and shapes expected and any other specifics you share in your request. The more information provided, the better we can help with your cutting needs.

If your cutting request is approved, we will send our overall terms and conditions agreement as well as pricing to complete your project.


Gemstone Cuts & Shapes

We offer the widest variety of loose natural colored gemstones on the market. Whether you're interested in melee, standard calibrated cuts, single one-of-a-kind cuts, or even gem carvings - we do it all.

Moreover, we are the world's primary supplier of brand-name gemstones including Tashmarine®, Cortez Pearls®, Grape Garnet®, Fire Citrine®, Imperial Diopside®, Royal Kings Plain Sapphire®, Purple Sage® Chalcedony, Seafoam Tourmaline® and Nyala® Ruby and Sapphire.

We have been very successful at adapting our unique cutting techniques to fulfill the needs of our customers. Our research and development team is always refining new cutting ideas and setting new standards in the industry. 

Please Note: Not all stone types can be cut in these various shapes due to other physical characteristics of the gemstone.



We offer superior, precision cut, natural, colored gemstone melee. If you need exact measurements for micro-pave, channel or invisible setting, Columbia Gem House is the unrivaled manufacturer for your melee needs.

Melee sizes are generally 3.5mm or less, approximately 0.18 carats and lower depending on species and variety.



Serious inquiries please contact us directly. Please be able to provide trade references upon request. Availability subject to change without prior notice.