Mine to Market

Direct from the Mine to You

A gemstone's journey begins within the earth. Columbia Gem House is often there when rough gems are first brought to light at mines around the world. The company has exclusive agreements with many mines, including the new mine in Malawi that produces Nyala™ ruby and sapphire and the Tashmarine® mine in China. 

Additionally, we've developed the innovative GemAmerica™ program for gemstones mined in the United States, working closely with small miners across America.

Wherever in the world your gemstone originates, it is more important than ever to know how and where it was mined, how, where and by whom it was cut and under what contitions, has it be treated, or mixed with a synthetics and where in the world was your jewelry made?  

With so many questions, we developed Mine to Market traceability - We know where our gems come from and where they have been.