Montana Amethyst

This American-mined Amethyst ranges in color from a deep purple to a light pink-lavender and is produced in Montana, which led to our name for this beautiful gem - Rose of the Rockies™.

Can you tell us a little about the source of this material?

Our Montana Amethyst, what we call Rose of the Rockies™, is produced near Butte, Montana in Jefferson County. The mining is done from a primary deposit on an exposed rock face. This means it is mined from the rock where it is formed and has not been weathered out. This material is actually mined primarily for large crystal specimens and is found in fissures and vugs, which are small to medium sized cavities inside rock. The Montana Amethyst that we cut here at Columbia Gem House are fashioned from the crystal pieces that are not suitable for specimens.

What kinds of sizes, shapes and cutting styles can be found?

This material generally ranges in rough sizes between 2 to 20 carats. The rough pieces are technically damaged pieces of large crystal specimens and then cut into finished gems. Since these are broken crystals and heavily color zoned, the yield (how much cut material you get out of the raw material) is very low. This means it can be fairly rare to get large cut gemstones, even if it is being cut from large pieces of rough material.

We cut a variety of both traditional and creative cuts in this material. Many rounds and ovals, as well as cuts such as hex tablets, trillions, or pear shapes.

Is this material typically enhanced in any way?

We do not treat this material in any way. The clarity and color are just as you would find in the raw rough material from the mine. Now, when we talk about genuine Amethyst, it is not typically treated but a lot of ‘Amethyst’ on the market today is actually hydrothermal synthetic or a manmade material. Without an expert eye or expensive testing, it can be very challenging to confirm the authenticity of an Amethyst. That’s why buying an Amethyst that can be traced back to particular origin is critical if you care to purchase a genuine stone. For such an affordable gem variety, buying from a trusted source may save you a lot of heartache in comparison to expensive and timely testing.

Like nearly all our gemstones, this material is sourced directly from the mine and then cut directly by us. Our cutting workshop is also a carefully controlled system, meaning rough we put in for cutting is never contracted out to other cutters where mixing of different materials may occur. This gives us the ability to guarantee there are no synthetics or treatments that have been mixed in during the process because we know exactly what materials are being cut and how.

Are there any unique characteristics you can share about this material?

Not only is this Amethyst American-mined, but it displays a dazzling wide range in purple colors. The darker gems are a rich purple, but the lighter gems have an almost pink or ‘kunzite’ shade of lavender. Finding a deep purple Amethyst is not unusual, but the natural pink-lavender shades are extremely rare. This unique color, as well as Montana origin, is where the Rose of the Rockies™ name came from.

What are the gem specs of this material? How do we know if it is authentic?

The material we source at Columbia Gem House is backed with our Gem Trust guarantee. This means you know it’s an authentic gemstone and that we will share all available information with you. You can find additional gem specifications below:

Gem Type
Fair Trade Level
Not Treated
Hardness (Mohs Scale)
Refractive Index
1.54- 1.55
Specific Gravity
Crystal Structure

The United States does mine a variety of gemstones, many of which are large crystal specimens. The origin always follows crystal specimens, but the damaged crystals that are then cut into faceted gemstones usually get mixed in with rough from other locations. Since we track and trace all our origins separately, you can rest assured in knowing that your Rose of the Rockies™ gemstone is truly an Amethyst sourced from Montana.

How do I care for my gemstone?

Amethyst is just a purple variety of Quartz, colored by trace amounts of iron within the crystal, and is quite tough. Clean your Montana Amethyst with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. These gems can also be put in ultrasonic or steam cleaners.

What can you tell us beyond the facets? I want to know more…

Amethyst is the official birthstone for the month of February. It is believed to be the 9th gem on the breastplate worn by the High Priest of the ancient Israelites. Amethyst was believed to be an amulet to protect as well as encourage bravery and calmness. This gemstone caught attention as early as the middle ages and was considered one of the five precious gems above others until the 19th century when large deposits were found in Brazil. This led to a more saturated market and to the value range you see today.