2.5 to 3mm Mesa Verde® Peridot Carré Step Cuts

SKU: 160-00325-1

Mesa Verde® Peridot Carré Step Cuts available in the following sizes. Please click on the stone size option for pricing. Price listed is for each stone.

2.5mm - .08 Avg carat weight
3mm - .14 Avg carat weight

What is a Carré Cut? It is a square-shaped stone with 90 degree corners and a step cut pavilion. This style has step-cut facets just as baguettes or emerald cuts, which creates visible rows, or ‘steps’ in the gemstone facet pattern. It initially became popular in the 18th Century and will commonly be seen in antique style jewelry.

*Please note that no one gem is exactly like another. We strictly offer natural, genuine gemstones, which will display unique variations in color or pattern from stone to stone.

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