Kimi Kaplowitz Necklace


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Kimi Kaplowitz Necklace

Designer MSRP: $3,250.00

100% proceeds from this sale will be donated to NEST in support of its Jewelers United Program, part of the Makers United Program.

This piece was fully hand crafted in Bronze and Sterling Silver featuring a variety of responsibly sourced gems, including an 8mm Oregon Sunstone, a 3.5mm Montana Sapphire Hexagon, two 6x3mm Brazilian Fire Citrine Baguettes and two 3x1.5x1mm Australian Sapphire Tapered Baguettes.

The figures were hand carved in wax then cast in Bronze, stone settings hand carved then cast in Sterling Silver, and the fern detailing and chain were all hand crafted and cast in Sterling Silver as well. 

Final assembly included detailing of settings, chain links and detailing on the figure sculptures, and addition of extender chain and clasp.


Total Necklace Weight: 15.6 dwt / Adjustable Chain Length: 17-20 inches

Additional Information

This piece was inspired by the MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge Story

When I approach a project, I always start with the stones. I like to lay them out visually and design elements around them that will accentuate them. For this project, the sunstone is so large I thought it would be a cool center stone for a necklace. Creating large, intricate necklaces incorporating gemstones isn’t something I do much of, but I really wanted to take on the challenge.

In thinking of a necklace design, I knew I wanted something V-shaped, as I find it’s complementary to the body. I also knew I wanted to incorporate female figures as a prominent element in the piece, as they’re often seen in Greek sculpture and pottery, which felt like a nice nod to Lorna’s love of Greek history. When thinking about the design, I began visualizing the idea of women finding each other in space. Placing the sunstone in the center of the piece to represent the sun, I imagined female figures surrounding it, reaching out across the space, just as Lorna and Jackie are reaching out to one another. While the rest of the necklace is silver, the figures are bronze, which I believe will develop a nice patina over time and lend another nod to Greek pottery.

Wanting to give the necklace a natural and flowing feel, I incorporated other design elements, such as fern fronds, which are common Greek architectural motifs, and mushrooms, which I use often in my work and that which seem to flow nicely with the figures. All the stones are set with square, geometric prongs that I believe balance out the flowing elements featured throughout the rest of the piece.

While I was thinking of Lorna’s upcoming trip as a great time for her to showcase the necklace, I believe she’ll want to wear the piece for other special occasions or nights out.

Kimi Kaplowitz is the owner of Theeth Jewelry in Portland, Oregon.