See you at the Tucson Gem Shows

See you at the Tucson Gem Shows

Columbia Gem House Continues to Set the Standard for Responsible Sourcing at the Tucson Gem Shows

Continuing to set the standard for responsibly sourced colored gems, Columbia Gem House will bring an impressive new assortment to the 2023 Tucson gem shows.

With one of the most extensive gemstone collections worldwide, Columbia Gem House tracks and traces their gems from origin, then assigns a Fair Trade Gem ‘Level.’ The company says this process accurately communicates the story of each gem to designers and makers, while ensuring the history of each piece is not only protected but celebrated.

In addition to showcasing some of their most popular gems like calibrated melee, Montana sapphires, or signature varieties like Neon Green Beryl, Columbia Gem House plans to unveil a purposeful group of gems in 2023: Brazilian Emerald, new Pomme Ruby, and an immense selection of new Australian Sapphire cutting.

Brazilian Emerald | After years of developing a responsible supply chain that met their sourcing requirements, the Columbia Gem House team is thrilled to unveil brand-new cutting of their newly established Brazilian-sourced Emerald. Columbia Gem House developed their cutting workshop over 35 years ago and will be sharing a variety of shapes and sizes at the show in which their skilled cutting team curated for these events.


Pomme Ruby | Introduced at the 2022 AGTA GemFair Denver, this untreated Ruby from Madagascar was given its name in honor of the community in which it is found. Consisting of apple and rice farms, the villagers dig for these rubies during the off seasons when they are not farming. ‘Pomme’ (meaning apple in French as well as the root word for apple in Malagasy) Ruby showcases a vibrant red apple color with deep complex tones you don’t typically see, even in small cut stones.

This material was only available in sample quantities in Denver, however a variety of new cut styles will be showcased in Tucson.


Australian Sapphire | While Australian Sapphire has been part of Columbia Gem House’s selection for decades, they’ve gained copious amounts of teal, bicolor and traditional blue rough that will be cut and debuted in both traditional and unique signature cutting styles, specifically for the 2023 shows.


You will find Columbia Gem House at the AGTA GemFair Tucson (Jan. 31st – Feb. 5th) as well the Ethical Gem Fair, held the weekend prior (Jan. 28 – Jan 31st), where Founder & President, Eric Braunwart will also be speaking.


To directly book an appointment, visit the Columbia Gem House Upcoming Events Page

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