Jewelry for Wildlife

Columbia Gem House and non-profit partner CRRIFS launch the Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser. In conjunction with the MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge, participating designers were invited to physically create their pieces using responsibly sourced colored gems donated by Columbia Gem House.

A total of 481 tickets were sold, resulting in a $12,025 USD donation to CRRIFS. 100% of each ticket sold is supporting CRRIFS in their saltwater tank build for sea turtle rehabilitation, in the same local area that our Cortez Pearls® are from.

100% Ticket Sales Donated to CRRIFS

CRRIFS is a non-profit organization committed to the protection and conservation of the native wildlife of Mexico.

This group is responsible for a variety of programs ranging from rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife (marine and terrestrial), disentanglement of sea lions, training for local authorities and community groups involving fishermen. They also work on conservation of sea turtles through protection of nesting areas in the region of Guaymas and San Carlos, removal of abandoned fishing gear, ghost nets and more.

CRRIFS supports the health and wellbeing of the wildlife relying on the same ecosystem as the Cortez Pearl oysters; Cortez Pearls® being one of the donated gems for this year's project.

A total donation of $12,025 USD was donated as a result of this fundraiser. Our sincerest thank you to everyone who participated! These funds will help support CRRIFS 2024 goal to build a saltwater tank for sea turtle rehabilitation. This includes the tank along with required pumps, filters and other supplies.

*CRRIFS English translation: the Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Research Center.

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Cortez Pearls®, Grape Garnet®, Neon Green Beryl, and Tourmaline

Donated Gemstones from Columbia Gem House

MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge

The Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser is in conjunction with the MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge. Participating designers were challenged with creating a design based on a fictional story, then invited to physically create their pieces using the responsibly sourced gems donated by Columbia Gem House.

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