Made in America

When Kathe Mai is satisfied with a new design, a production mold is made from the final model. Then the piece is cast, polished, AND assembled in our workshop in Vancouver, Washington. Trigem Designs uses just-in-time manufacturing to create each piece to order. 

The final step is to set the design with the company's trademark exotic gemstones cut for maximum brilliance. The company's setters are particularly skilled: they have to be because they work with a huge spectrum of gem materials, from emerald to fire opal. 

Customers have a dizzying array of gemstone varieties to choose from in each jewelry style. For example, one ring will be available set in your choice of as many as 23 gemstones. 

"I wish people had the chance to see what I see: the whole journey of a gem, from a rock that comes out of the ground thousands of miles away across the ocean to the cutters wheel to the brilliant centerpiece of a piece of fine jewelry," Braunwart says. "Every Trigem Designs style is one of a kind because it features a unique fine gemstone: a gift from the earth."

Now more than ever it's important to know exactly where your jewelry comes from and how and where it was made. In keeping with our Fair Trade protocols, we design, manufacture and assemble all of our jewelry in the USA.