Fair Trade Level
Gem Cut
Total Gem Weight
8x5mm to 14x10mm Natural Morganite Rose Cut Kites
From $105.00
5x2.5mm Natural Black Spinel Baguettes
4x2mm Natural Black Spinel Baguettes
10x7mm to 14x10mm Kite Cut Tourmalated Quartz
From $57.00
5 to 11mm Natural Hexagon Oregon Sunstone
From $90.00
7x3.5x1.75mm Natural Morganite Tapered Baguette
4x2x1.5 to 8x4x2 Natural Morganite Tapered Baguette
From $49.50
4x2mm to 6x3mm Natural Morganite Baguette
From $36.00
6x4 to 9x7mm Oval Morganite
From $78.00
4 to 5mm Round Golden Imperial Topaz
From $195.00
2.0 to 3.5mm Round Golden Imperial Topaz
From $24.00
10x8 to 16x12mm Labradorite Hex Tablets™
From $54.00
3mm to 7mm Princess Cut Raja Garnet
From $18.00
2.98ct Emerald Cut Natural Bi-Color California Tourmaline
Sold Out
12x6mm Emerald Cut Bi-Color Tourmaline
7x5mm Pear Cut Golden Montana Sapphire .75cts
Sold Out
6x4mm Oval Golden Montana Sapphire .63cts
Parcel of 8mm Round Double Sided Arkansas Quartz
Parcel of Twelve 7x5mm Oval Madeira Fire Citrine®
Parcel of Sixteen 6x4mm Oval Madeira Fire Citrine®
14x10mm Barion Cut Seafoam Tourmaline®
8.02ct Cushion Cut Aqua Tourmaline
14.75ct Oval Step Cut Aqua Tourmaline
10x8mm Oval Cut Tashmarine
4.91ct Cushion Cut Mint Tourmaline
12.61ct Concave Round Cut Bi-Color Green Tourmaline
8.78ct Concave Oval Cut Celery Green Pastel Tourmaline
7mm Portuguese Round Cut Aqua Pastel Tourmaline
8.35ct Cushion Cut Aqua Pastel Tourmaline
6.87ct Cushion Cut Aqua Pastel Tourmaline
9.11ct Elongated Emerald Cut Bi-Color Pastel Tourmaline
7.19ct Elongated Cushion Cut Teal Tourmaline
8.41ct Concave Cushion Cut Seafoam Tourmaline®
11x9mm Antique Cushion Cut Green Seafoam Tourmaline®
6.5mm Cushion Cut Blue Malawi Mulanje Sapphire
Sold Out
5.5mm Cushion Cut Green Tourmaline
2.20ct Oval Cut Natural Color Change Sphene
7x5mm Cushion Cut Orange Mexican Fire Opal
14.21ct Concave Cathedral Cut Natural Tashmarine
23.73ct Concave Hexagon Cut Natural Tashmarine
9mm Concave Trillion Cut Golden Sphene